Bioclimate Park Drieňová, Slovakia

This land was dry and lifeless when we first came here in 2014. Today, Bioclimate Park is a living testament to the power and beauty of nature. Water begets life. Biodiversity begets life.

Over the course of a couple of years, we installed several rainwater retention measures. Each investment is cost-effective because the project reaps the ecosystem benefits every year, cyclically, and repeatedly. 

The summer of 2022 brought the most severe drought to the whole of Europe in 500 years. 47% of the European continent experienced soil moisture deficit and vegetation stress. Water and heat stress have slashed crop yields. continent-wide. 

Our rainwater harvesting structures, earthworks, and cover crops ensured that the morning dew nourished our farm and our habitat. 

When we say WATER IS LIFE, we mean the sky water. Not the water transported by the vast waterworks and town water infrastructure. We mean the rainwater that is falling from the sky. We mean the small water cycles! And if the regular rainfall is absent, we mean the horizontal precipitation instead. That’s what sustains the life during dire conditions.