Post -wildfire restoration in Greece.


Forests full of moisture will not burn.

Water Piano for Greece.

When we saw massive wildfires near Athens in 2021, we reached out to offer aid and contacted the Slovak government to establish an expert group to share our previous experiences from massive wildfires in Slovakia.
Heavy rainfalls can cause massive landslides and endanger people and properties even more. In monoculture forests that burned around Athens, it is necessary to help nature to regenerate. In such a close proximity to Athens it is dangerous to wait and do nothing.


When terrain, budget, and protection level of the area allow it, machinery can be used. Burned and dead trees were cut and laid on contour lines, sealing the hollow places with the excavated soil. This way, we could work effectively and move fast. Special forestry engineering techniques were used to stabilize banks of deep erosion cavities and gullies. We then designed plans for water retention cascades on the slope.

Bulldozer working on water retention measures on countour lines

Our Mission & Approach

We proposed a plan for the burned area in the Attica region. We choose an area of 23+ hectares as the prototype area. First, it was necessary to scan the site and analyze the rainwater retention potential. As a part of the training of local staff, we demonstrated various techniques in an area of one hectare, using our experiences from Slovakia. Five people accomplished water retention measures for more than 300 cubic meters in 2,5 days.
Special thanks to the ambassador of Slovakia to Greece and the Secretary of State for the assistance and collaboration.

Intermediate Results

The following heavy downpours put our methods to the test. Our measurements are retaining rainwater, allowing it to infiltrate the ground slowly, enhancing the soil moisture, supplying the groundwater levels, and making the forest fire resilient.